Our Origin

The story behind Milwaukee Joes Ice Cream is anything but common and it includes and interesting career choice by one of our country’s top federal agents. Back in 1995, Federal Agent Joe Libowsky, decided to leave his career and his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin behind to move to Texas and pursue his longtime dream. You see, Joe wanted to open an ice creamery and sell his famous recipe ice cream to the locals while he shared stories and enjoyed a simpler way of life. But Joe didn’t want to sell any ice cream; he wanted to sell the creamiest, most creative ice cream around and that is just what he did. He sold old-fashioned, handmade, ice creams from his own recipes and thus Milwaukee Joe’s was founded.

Growth, Expansion and More Flavors of Joe’s Famous Ice Cream

Just two decades after founding Milwaukee Joe’s, news of the now famous ice cream has spread and Joe had to open up several more locations to accommodate the thousands of customers he served more than 200 flavors of ice cream to each and every week. Today, Joe is retired from the ice cream business but some things will never change; Milwaukee Joe’s still uses hand-picked, fresh,  local ingredients and we still make every scoop ourselves using Joe’s original, small-batch techniques. We do invent new flavors from time to time using our unbridled imagination, and every scoop we serve, comes with a smile of course. Joe wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you want the best tasting, creamiest ice cream you have ever tasted, come on in to Milwaukee Joes Ice Cream and see what we have in store for you today. Tastes are always free and, who knows, you might just find your new favorite flavor.