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Our Flavors
Every Day, we make fresh Ice Cream in Amazing and Unique Flavors.  We publish a Flavor Calendar and always carry the most popular flavors.  Below, we have listed many of the wonderful flavors we make.  Our limits are our imagination and we are always looking for new ideas.  Maybe, we can even name a Flavor after you!!!

Everyday Flavors
ALMOND JOY® - Coconut ice cream with shredded coconut, chocolate flakes and roasted almonds.

ANDES® MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP – Peppermint ice cream with chopped Andes® Mint candies mixed in.

BLACK RASPBERRY TRUFFLE - Rich black raspberry puree with raspberry filled dark chocolate truffles .

BUTTER PECAN - Butterscotch ice cream with diced roasted salted pecans

CHOCOLATE – We make our own milk chocolate base that is used to whip up this tasty ice cream.

CHOCOLATE YOGURT – Fat-free chocolate yogurt.

CHOCOLATE CHIP – Vanilla ice cream with loads of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flakes.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH – Brown sugar based ice cream with spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough and mini chocolate chips.

COOKIES & CREAM – The votes are counted, this is officially our most popular ice cream flavor! Vanilla ice cream with Oreo® cookies mixed in.

COTTON CANDY – Cotton candy ice cream with confetti sprinkles.

DISCO LIVES! - This bright blue creation tastes just like Fruiti Pebbles®. Blue moon ice cream with Nerds candy mixed in.

DR. PEPPER® - It's just what the name says. We use straight up Dr. Pepper® syrup to make this ice cream.

JUST JAVA – Coffee ice cream. Yes, we use real coffee in it, so it has some kick!

LEMON CUSTARD – Rich smooth, creamy lemon custard. **Note: contains egg.

NY CHEESECAKE - Cheesecake ice cream with chunks of real New York Style Cheesecake (yep, graham cracker crust and all!)

REESES® & FUDGE - Vanilla ice cream with pieces of Reeses® peanut butter cups and ribbons of peanut butter & fudge.

STRAWBERRY –Our strawberry ice cream has been called the best in the country by native Californians where the crop is rich and the ice cream shops are plentiful. We use tons of real strawberries in this premium homemade ice cream.

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE - Our own dark chocolate base with chewy brownie pieces and swirls of fudge… chocolate lover’s dream!

VANILLA – Real vanilla extract in this creamy traditional favorite.

VANILLA CUSTARD – Rich smooth vanilla custard. **Note: contains egg

FOUR BERRY SORBET – Non-dairy/fat-free water ice. The four berries are: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.

LEMON SORBET – Non-dairy/fat-free water ice. We use real lemonade when we whip up this sorbet.

STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI SORBET – Real strawberries and strawberry 

Monthly Flavor Calendar
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​Every Month, we develop and publish a Calendar of very Special Selections, from our Hundreds of Recipes.  The Flavors, we list in the Calendar, are only there for a couple of days and then Gone.  Our loyal customers, wait to see what is coming and many actually order pints and quarts, in advance, to make sure they get their favorite.  Just Click on the link below and see that the current month has to offer.  By the way, if you have any ideas for a Flavor of the Day, just contact us and we will see if we can fit it in.  Enjoy!!